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Celebrating American roots music

The GAIA Project at a glance

Welcome to the GAIA Project website where we celebrate the absolute best in American Roots music. From veteran performers to emerging singer-songwriters and groups who are just starting to test their wings, it is our goal to help bring these outstanding performers to the people of the Greater Northwest.

We seek to promote any genre of music that has its roots in the Americas. This includes a variety of musical styles, including folk, country, blues, zydeco, bluegrass, traditional jazz, jug band and Latin. If you are interested in seeing live music performed by entertaining and talented people who have something to say, then I encourage you to check out our upcoming concerts.

Up Next

I hope you all had a fantastic and peaceful holiday season.  Now as we move into 2015 we have two exciting pieces of info. The first Rogue Valley Rootsfest is about half booked and we're waiting to confirm the remaining acts.  More specific news will be available on the website in mid-January.  Please keep an eye on the Festival page for details about the performers, the festival itself, & how to purchase Early Bird discount tickets.

 But first we have an exciting pair of new Roots groups from the Bay Area:  STEEP RAVINE'S soulful tunes and fiery instrumentals take roots and acoustic music in compelling new stylistic directions. Blending equal parts poetic lyricism and string-playing ingenuity, the San Francisco-based band has been racking up rave reviews for its debut album of original music, TRAMPIN’ ON. STEEP RAVINE have already delighted Southern Oregon audiences when they played at the West Coast Country Music Festival last August.  If you like new grass music, these gentlemen will enthrall.

The T SISTERS are a vocally driven Americana trio known to captivate audiences with close harmonies, inventive arrangements, and plenty of sass. When performing their lively set of originals and covers—sometimes in arresting a capella—they call to mind classic girl groups past: from the Andrews Sisters and The Ronettes to The Roches and the Dixie Chicks. Touching on elements of folk, gospel, bluegrass and soul, the T Sisters weave evocative stories from their daily lives and wild-running imaginations.  Having previously opened for Brothers Comatose at the Armory in Ashland, the T SISTERS are now in town to spread their vocal harmonies and delightful performing abilities to an even greater Rogue Valley audience.

STEEP RAVINE & T SISTERS will be performing at the Rogue Valley Unitarian Church (87 4th St Ashland, OR) on Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 7:00 pm.  Double your musical pleasure with these two up and comig young stars and join us.

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True music appreciators 

At The GAIA Project, bringing great American roots music to the masses isn’t just a business, it’s a passion. We scour the radio, music stores, and Internet in search of great performers who bring a unique perspective to the stage.

Come check out one of our concerts and find out for yourself how American music is not only alive and well, but also providing audiences with different ways of listening to, understanding, and experiencing creativity.

About Us

I firmly believe that music is an essential component to the human condition. It is not merely a diversion with which to fill our leisure hours. Music provides us with solace in difficult times, reinforces our happiest moments, and helps us makes sense out of an increasingly chaotic world.

Perhaps the musical style that best satisfies these claims is the broad category known as Roots music. The GAIA Project is dedicated to bringing the best American Roots music available to the people of Oregon. In a time where synthesized sounds, sampling, and nursery rhyme quality lyrics populate the airwaves, we strive to bring intelligent, articulate music to our audience.

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Our audiences

We have been lucky at The GAIA Project to be able to bring together likeminded music appreciators who can look beyond the pop tunes that dominate the airwaves and find true gems of American music. It is our pleasure to give music fans a new outlet where they can find the best that American music has to offer.

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